Tuesday, 22 October 2013

There is always time for a Group Therapy Session.

Group Therapy: A respite from the city buzz with coffee on the side...

Group Therapy Café is not a café. Not in the traditional sense anyway. It is a collective events space housed within a restored shophouse, tucked away on the 2nd Storey to allow groups to gather and seek respite in the heart of the CBD. It really is mainly an events space for lifestyle workshops, private parties and corporate events. The adjunct café then, is really just an expression of our love for coffee, food and good drink: an extension of their passion.

The unconventional and casual atmosphere of the space is truly a haven from the buzz so prevalent just outside its doors. The shophouse configuration also means that its use is modular and can be customised to suit various party sizes and functions.

The café serves up a good cuppa. The espresso café latte is delicious and full-bodied while the flourless chocolate cheesecake is a nice balance of sweet and tart. It would wonderful to revisit the outlet and try its other signature sweet – the four layer carrot cake.

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