Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sweets For My Sweet (Tooth)

The new menu; the sweet corn panna cotta; the grilled barramundi and the nougat parfait meringue.

Bakerzin at United Square
It’s the soft launch of Bakerzin’s new menu featuring a new array of sweets and pastries by their new chef. I was there on the first day of the introduction of the new menu to try the dessert and food. Having been a fan of their confectionery, I arrive at the place full of expectations.

I had started with a grilled barramundi, which was unfortunately, a little overcooked. The delicate texture of the otherwise well-seasoned fish was a little rubbery and chewy. The selection of French beans also left much to be desired, being a little too fibrous, chewy and stringy.

After the mains, I was also offered two desserts to try: A Sweet Corn Panna Cotta made with lemon madeleine sponge, crunchy freeze-dried corn, toasted walnuts, popcorn and caramel sauce as well as a Nougat-Parfait Meringue made with nougat parfait with orange liqueur soaked cranberries, pistachios and almonds, topped with meringue.

The matching of the different tastes and flavours within each dessert is heaven. The execution of the sweets needed fine-tuning. The lemon madeleine sponge tastes absolutely wonderful with just enough tartness, balanced off with sweet. The level of caramelising on the sponge does require more care. The serving on the table tasted a little charred on certain bites. On the other, even though its meant to be a confectionery, the parfait-meringue was simply over-the-top with its level of sweet.

However, given that today was the first day of the launch and the assurance that they are ironing out the kinks, I will withhold my final judgement till the time when I am informed of their readiness for serious tasting. That is when, I am sure, my taste buds and I will simply be blown way.

Background of Bakerzin
Previously known as Baker’s Inn, Bakerzin started out in 1998 as a modest patisserie located off Sembawang Road, Singapore, dealing with wholesale orders and supplying French bread and pastries to restaurants and hotels. During this time, founder of Bakerzin, Daniel Tay, and his team of passionate bakers began experimenting and conjuring new and indulgent creations. As word spread, Bakerzin steadily gained a reputation in the industry as not just an authentic French bakery but one with an excellent selection of scrumptious sweets on its order list.

In 2000, Daniel Tay launched his first boutique café serving up Bakerzin’s collection of indulgent treats. The establishment also offered an assortment of savoury dishes for every palate.

In early 2011, Bakerzin also launched its first Bakerzin Artisan Bread store located at myVillage at Serangoon Gardens. This speciality store serves up authentic European style bread for the discerning customer. To date, there are 9 Bakerzin outlets islandwide.

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