Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I dreamed of Phuket Part X

Morning sketch. View from outside my room in Casa Jip, Patong, Phuket. I've always loved the power cables running along and outlining the city line!
Fellow sunbathers... good day.
Always love Au Bon Pain.
These two Russian ladies from St Petersburg came over to look at my sketch and we had a good laugh. She insists that she's smaller (i.e. slimmer) than depicted in the picture and is drinking milk. I agreed: it's milk made from barley, wheat and hops.
This trip in February over the Chinese New Year period marks my tenth trip to Phuket. My first trip there was very memorable for various reasons:
  • It was my first time to Phuket;
  • It was my first flight on a budget airline (AirAsia);
  • It was my first overseas trip with Terrel;
  • I came back just days before the Boxing Day Tsunami.
Yes, you read the last point right, I was there that year - 2004.

I love the place - the locals are so warm and friendly. The culture is so free and easy, live and let live. AND I have yet to find a place where you can go from beach to shops to shopping mall all within minutes of each other.

Yes, I love Phuket. Don't be surprise if one day, I should retire on that island with my own ocean view bungalow while running a B&B-cum-bar.