Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Things We Miss Over Busy Nothings...

It is as amazing as it sad that these beautiful blooms are invisible to the very eyes that pass them by everyday...
It’s amazing how our eyes miss the things we see every day.

There is an eco-pond at my office compound. On a daily basis, I’d notice how my colleagues pass by the spot and pass up the chance to see the beauty that grows every day within that body of water.

In the five years that I’ve been there, I’ve seen papyrus come and gone, lilies bloomed and withered and a myriad of lotuses gone to seed as their petals fall to reveal their pods. These plants are no longer in the pond, given their delicacy and lack of care.

Taking over though is nature’s creative hands with its new lease of life: tadpoles to frogs and toads, nymphs to dragonflies. Also, a whole new school of fish have made the pond home as well as semi-aquatic plants that have somehow taken root and bloomed there.

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