Sunday, 20 October 2013

313@Somerset: Old Malaya Cafe serves up satisfying Malaysia's traditional fare

The Old Malaya Cafe at 313@Somerset
Made the decision to dine out the other Sunday. Was strolling along the Orchard Road belt and chanced upon this hole in the wall eatery at 313@Somerset that serves Malaysian style traditional food. Without many other attractive options available, I was game to try the place out.

I had the Penang Assam Laksa along with a side of poh piah (a local version of the fresh spring roll). The generous servings were greatly appreciated and the taste: admittedly delicious and believably authentic. Having enjoyed the experience, I was back again a few days later to try the other items on the menu. On my second coming (heh heh), I chose the Hainanese chicken rice balls followed by a chendol to sweeten and seal the palate.

Ambience wise, I appreciate the outlet’s attempt at recreating an authentic old-style ‘Nanyang’ (南洋) café, complete with nostalgic touches like tin packaging for sweets and enamel tiffin carriers.

Overall, it’s a nice enough place for a meal in town that’s both affordable and deliciously authentic, with good value for money in terms of quality and quantity.

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