Saturday, 10 May 2014

A River Runs Through It

Whampoa River along the stretch by St George's Water Park
Holbein Artists’ Watercolor on Stillman & Birn Delta Hardbound

I’ve known this place forever, as in since I was born: I’ve lived in this neighbourhood and went to the school next to it and now I work near it and live so too.

Whampoa River IS a real river, or at least, it was originally a river until the municipal ‘improved’ it in to a canal and subsequently to its current incarnation as a water park. Otherwise, the body of flowing water is a tributary of the main Kallang River.

Beautiful as it is to see the emerald waters sparkle in the sun, this was the same body of water that took away one of my best friends and classmates from childhood: I remember you, Shahzali. Thank you for the memories and the rulers you’ve given me in class.
:) Cheers! Wherever you are now.

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