Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Park Connector along Whampoa River at St George's Lane

The rain stopped in the late morning and I had the chance to sketch this in the afternoon after work...
The PUB and NParks has been working collaboratively to develop the waterways and waterbodies traversing the island in a network of rivers, streams and ponds.

Driven by the vision of sparkling rivers with landscaped banks, kayakers paddling leisurely in the streams with clean waterways flowing into the picturesque lakes, Singapore has undertaken the challenge of transforming into a City of Gardens and Water. 

Over the years, Singapore has gradually developed a pervasive network of about 8,000km of waterways and 17 reservoirs for our water supply. To realise the full potential of this water infrastructure PUB has launched the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme in 2006. It is a strategic initiative to improve the quality of water and life by harnessing the full potential of our waterbodies. 

By integrating the drains, canals and reservoirs with the surrounding environment in a holistic way, the ABC Waters Programme aims to create beautiful and clean streams, rivers, and lakes with postcard-pretty community spaces for all to enjoy.

This is the area near my neighbourhood. I have seen and experienced the place since I was a child. It was a river, then a canal and now a rather visually pleasing water way of trails, tracks and tree-hooded walkway. This neighbourhood water park also integrates a few outdoors gym and exercise grounds, children's playgrounds and also a couple of gazebos with attached BBQ pits.

Every evening, you'll see residents taking casual walks in the cooling breeze and joggers blazing the tracks. Meanwhile, the BBQ pits are almost always busy during the weekends, bustling with families and friends gathering, while enjoying the taste of freshly charcoal-grilled meats by the riverside, under the shelter of the gazebos.

Beautiful. Useful. Space.

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