Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Hong Wen School at Towner Road

The current site of Hong Wen School is the field of my alma mater, May Primary School.
This SAP school is located at the former site of my alma mater. Its exact compound is just the area of what used to be my school field.

I remember my primary school days, studying in May Primary School. I started in the school when it was still May North Primary School. I was enrolled into Primary 1B and very fortunate to be so because my form and English teacher was Miss Gomez: an excellent language teacher who was my first exposure to formal English.

She inspired and taught me the importance of diction and elocution. I will always remember her. I remembered that she was very proud of me when I graduated from Primary 6 as a member of the Prefectorial Board. She even asked me to give a stern warning to a Primary 3 boy when I asked her for an autograph.

Yes, I still have that autograph.

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