Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Little Sketchwalk at the Woodlands Regional Library

View of the Library from the Cafe Galilee at the Woodlands Library
Love the little mushroom backrest at the kiddies reading area.
Reading under tree amongst the mushrooms in the glen on the 4th flour of the library.
Discover a place where learning and creativity meet, at Woodlands Regional Library! Art Fresco is an arts programme consisting of a monthly variety of workshops, talks and performances, to bring you a whole new canvas of artistic experiences through appreciation and hands-on activities. This programme is jointly initiated by National Library Board and National Arts Council.

Enjoy a mini exhibition of beautiful pieces that exhibit snippets of life in Woodlands. Drawn by members of USKSG with a passion for sketching, these pieces aim to capture familiar spaces and buildings, and connect you to fresh perspectives of everyday Singapore.

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  1. Beautiful colours. I like the decorations on the fourth floor.