Friday, 25 January 2013


Sketch by Favian
Hi everyone,

The first sketchwalk of the year will be along Portsdown Rd (Wessex Estate area). We will meet 930AM, 26 JAN, Saturday, at Fusionopolis' Ya Kun cafe. You may take the circle line and drop off at One North Station, which is below Fusionopolis itself. Take the escalator up to the first floor and you will see Ya Kun cafe. 

Have your kaya toast breakfast there earlier, if you like. At 9.30 sharp, we will start moving off along Portsdown Road (see map). You may stop to draw anything that catches your interest along the way. But keep moving up the road, pacing yourself, until you reach Colbar, a famous eatery. There will be signs that will point to the eatery when you near it. There is a cluster of cafes there. Feel free to take any detours you like along the way. But at 12.30pm, please be present at Colbar for our "show and tell" gathering and possible lunch there.

If you are late, just head up Portsdown Road and you will find us along the way. It a long walk so travel light. But it's a nice walk. See you there!

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