Monday, 27 June 2016

Chomp Chomp Food Centre at Serangoon Gardens

Lunch at Chomp Chomp.
Daniel Smith Watercolour on Fabriano Paper
In the 1960s, the stalls at Chomp Chomp were originally located where the bus stop and carpark now stands, opposite the present hawker centre. In 1972, the stalls were moved to its present location and adopted the name "Chomp Chomp". As the hawkers gained fame for their varied and tasty dishes, the name became an appropriate onomatopoeia, reflecting the sound of frenzied eating. Some stalls have adopted a similar-sounding name, such as Zhong Zhong Duck Rice.

On 1 April 1998, a roof was built for food centre. Plans for this had been discussed since September 1996 in conjunction with discussions of the ownership of stalls. Although simple in design, Chomp Chomp remains a key landmark in Serangoon Gardens because of its tasty food. It was revamped and reopened in November 2002 after nine months of renovations. The new food centre saw an expansion of space and new hawkers joining the established stallholders. These included 14 relocated stalls from the Taman Serasi Hawker Centre, which had been near the Botanic Gardens

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