Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Review: Baker & Cook's Fruit Tart

Baker & Cook Fruit Tart
Daniel Smith Watercolour on Bynd Artisan Artist Sketchbook
Most fruit tarts I’ve tasted live up to their name; and it’s not a good thing. The ‘tart’ is supposed to be a noun, not an adjective describing the taste of the open-faced pie. Unfortunately, over on this side of the equator, it means we can never really enjoy summer berries in their full glorious sweetness. Almost all of the fruit tarts I’ve tasted have toppings that can pickle your mouth almost immediately.

So when I was looking for a nice after-dinner dessert for an upcoming gathering and fruit tart was suggested, I was sceptical. Nevertheless, I went down to Baker & Cook for a tasting. Tropical dragonfruit was used as one of the toppings, as well as the perennially available currants. They are safe bets – typically sweet fruits and suitably so. When it was time to take a bite of the berries: strawberry, blackberry and raspberry, I prepared myself for the teeth-tingling sour tang. I was pleasantly surprised by lack of the sensation. Although what greeted my palate was not a summer-berry sweetness, I welcome the subtle zest of the berries which balanced off the sweeter selections on the same tart. I also enjoyed the buttery crumbly crust holding a deliciously creamy custard.

Yes, I this is the selected dessert for the upcoming dinner and if I ever feel like a fruit tart again, Baker & Cook’s will be a go-to choice.

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