Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Garçon! Une cafe, s'il vous plais!

Some time late last year, I was on a café-hopping staycation and I chanced upon this quaint café that is done up in a truly Parisian vibe: the small cast iron tables, the bentwood chairs, chandeliers, wooden countertop bar, etc.

I went in hoping to sample their fare, but alas, their kitchen was closed! I settled for a coffee and a sketch. The result was this:

A few days later, I went in for a dinner platter to share with my fellow sketchers and the food from the kitchen helmed by Chef Colin was truly heavenly!

Fast forward 9 months ahead, the drawing caught the eyes of the publicity people at Café Gavroche. They expressed their appreciation of my sketches and asked if I accepted commission projects. At this point, honestly, I do not think there is a better form of compliment to my work. Because, truly, I do not think I will ever get over the judgment that my primary school teacher gave me:

“Your art, it’s not good enough for the Art Elective Program*”

Yes, I remember you, Mrs Pauline Toh of May Primary School.

But that’s in the past. Back to the present.

After a visit and a sumptuous, scrumptious lunch from the kitchen of the Brasserie Gavroche (compliments to the generous chef, again!), I set off on the project… a picturesque and atmospheric view of each of the Gavroche establishments.

The results of the collaboration:
Brasserie Gavroche
Daniel Smith Watercolour on St Cuthberts Mill Waterford paper
I am looking forward to and finding time for my next visit to the place… lunch or dinner company, any takers…?

*The Art Elective Programme (AEP) is designed to enable students with artistic abilities to undertake an enriched Art programme. The art curriculum in the AEP covers historical and theoretical studies in Art, places emphasis on creative processes and exposes students to a wide range of media and art forms. (Details here.)