Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Perfect Sketchbook for Travel Artists & Art Enthusiasts (A Kickstarter Project)

I love to draw… and sketch and paint and colour and… well, if you’re here on this blog, you get the idea and you probably enjoy the activity too.

I am a long time fan of Moleskine sketchbooks and their ability to open completely into a flat book, especially their aquarelle range. The fact that they travel well, that’s an awesome bonus. I am also quite a fan of Cuthbert Mill’s high quality Waterford paper for the pure cotton watercolour papers that seem to resist warping of any sort regardless of the amount of soup the painter throws at it.

I’ve often wondered would it not be perfect if somehow, the two were to collaborate and marry their qualities together: a sketchbook with pages that open up flat and able to withstand any amount of work, glazing, charging, washing on its surface. That, and then some, because I’m demanding and a perfectionist. It would appear that I am not the only dreamer.

Enter the “The Perfect Sketchbook for Travel Artists & Art Enthusiasts”: a passion and commercially possible and viable project started by Singapore's local artist and Urban Sketcher enthusiast, Erwin Lian Cherngzhi.

The perfect sketchbook is one that is “hardbound, compact, binds well, opens flat, and filled with 100% [premium] cotton paper” which is what sketchers dream of, AND with a plus: you will find at the front and back page, a “value chart and "18% photography grey". That bonus completes the ‘and then some’ portion of any perfectionist’s dream.

As a short summary, here are some of the sketchbook’s features:

• Hardcover with smooth leather-like surface
• Elastic band to keep the pages together
• Rounded corners
• 60 pages of 100% cotton acid-free Coldpress archival watercolour paper
• 190 GSM
• Paper is made from England's St Cuthberts Mill (makers of Waterford and Bockingford)
• Paper colour is off-white, light cream
• Ribbon bookmark
• 18% Photography grey front sheet
• Value chart included
• Inner pocket on the backcover
• Durable binding
• 3.5 by 5.5 inch (9 by 14cm) landscape

In other words, it’s a Moleskine on steroids… and better.

Already convinced? Back the project here.

Check out more details and pictures here.

Don't miss this chance to be a part of an awesome passion project and own a piece of artistic perfection.

Campaign ends 21 Aug 2014

Pics and video below.

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