Monday, 9 December 2013

Scaling for new sceneries: Sungei Buloh

Set done on Stillman & Birn Delta Hardbound
So by now, you must have heard of the crocodiles that have found their permanent home at the North-western coast of the island at Sungei Buloh. While many are concerned about the safety of humans visiting the park, I have to confess to a worry for the reptiles instead: we all know who are the ones who can get really wild and dangerous when in duress or a panic. Clue: it’s not the reptiles.

When I visited Texas a while ago, my lovely host took me to Brazos Bend State Park which really is a nature reserve where crocodiles are a main draw. Crocodiles? Did I hear you exclaim? Well, before you get your scales in a frenzy, the reptiles are so well-fed and taken care of in that they it’s really safe to visit the park any time of the year. How safe? With just some precautions and common sense, you can actually camp in the park at any time of the year without any fear.

So, with the rare sunshine out at this time of the year, I managed to make trip to Sungei Buloh for a bit of plein-aire and actually managed to get three pieces in before the weather turn expectedly dark and drab again. The heat as the sun came out managed to burn off the mist as you can see from the progress of the sketches. And while the sun was out, it was an oh-so-lovely affair with colours and light in a beautiful duet…

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