Sunday, 15 September 2013

Urban Sketchers at Motoring Heritage Day by the National Heritage Board

People who know me well understand my affinity with Art Nouveau and Art Deco - one organic and the other futuristic linearity. They couldn't be further apart stylistically speaking, but between the curvilinear swirls and rectilinear streamlining, somehow these two design movements speak to me. In addition, when it comes to automobile designs, it is my personal opinion that nothing embodies the symbol of futurism, hope and a brave new world better than the 1930s Art Deco. Thus, when I doodle designs for cars and machinery of almost any sort, there is a usually a slant and a nod towards the style. See illustration below:

Sketch of a dream car done in 2006.
You can imagine my sense of euphoria at the recent Motoring Heritage Exhibition held at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station along Keppel Road. Style on style: there is no better location for the event. It was literally my dream popping up in 3D and TECHNICOLOR™ with all the classic and vintage cars from the 30s all lined up and gleaming in the light.

After ogling at the pretty vehicles and gazing at them from distance, I finally got myself out of the daze to complete two sketches of a couple of my favourites...

1937 MG - TA and the 1939 MG - TB
1939 BMW - 327 Grand Touring Cabriolet

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