Tuesday, 30 July 2013

At CHIJMES like these...

View of the chapel at CHIJMES from across the sunken courtyard.
HELP! I've been bitten by the CHIJMES-bug and there's no saving by the proverbial bell!

I was able to get off early from work today. Seeing that the weather was bright and sunny and too good to be wasted being stuck indoors, I decided to pack my art materials for a quick jaunt to the conservation-mall. When I got there, it was perfect: the weather, the lighting, the crowd (or lack of it).

Without any ado, I unpacked my stuff and began with my colourful love affair with THE building - the chapel (which is now a multi-purpose hall). Over the past weekend, although I had painted AROUND the famous chapel, I had not done one of it. Today, in the bright and brilliant sunlight, the chapel bathed in shimmering colours, singing its melodious and colourful hymns of light.

I succumbed to its siren song and let its spectrum guide my paints and brushes.

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